Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is only useful if it can be found by a your potential customers. The web is perfect for attracting interested users as they have already passed the stage of actually searching for your product or service by entering a keyword search in a search engine.

Therefore, the user is already half sold on your product or service as they have entered a stage of refining thier choice in who will deliver that product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation

We design websites that will be found by the major search engines. If your website is found in the major search engines, it will also be found in the minor or niche search engines.

We do not use software or fancy tricks, as these will, at best, only produce short term results. We code websites that communicate effectively with search engines and know what the search engines want from a website.

If you perform search engine optimisation badly then it can have devastating effects including having your website removed from a search engine's database or even banned. Once your website is banned it can be very hard to rectify and is effectively the end of your website.

All our search engine optimisation is above board and clean.

Examples of Ranking Sites

Examples across all major search engines can be obtained on request. Due to the nature of how search engines work results will vary on a day to day basis. Google for instance uses in excess of 30 databases where it will try new ranking algorythms. We perform a lot of manual tasks, submitting pages, sitemaps, robot schemas and many, many other search engine optimisation activities. These are performed specifically for your website, they are an ongoing activity and they take a great deal of time and expertise.

Our Approach Our Approach